Hackers In Ukraine Wipe Thousands of Computers From Over 60 Countries

Ukrainian going through a really tough situation at this moment.Over the last few months, the news about cyber hacking attempts making their ways into all leading publications from around the globe. One such news broke out when the police in Cherkasy region found out a cyber attack that took place in the month of June. As per the report, hackers targeted thousands of computers from more than 60 countries in an attempt to steal user information and use it to ask for a huge ransom amount.

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Story So Far

The investigation team figured out that hackers had moved about £8000 worth of bitcoins from one account to another right after this hacking incident. This was the same account they used for accepting payments in the past. Officials involved in this investigation claim that the hackers are after money. They’re doing all this just to make huge cash in a short period. During the investigation, they found out that hackers had left a message which claimed that they were ready to decrypt all the computers which were affected in this hacking attempt. The ransom asked by the hackers was £200,000.

From the surface, it looks like a lame attempt to make some money, but experts believe otherwise. According to them, hackers have asked for money just to divert everyone’s attention from the main point, which is nothing but a mass outrage. They wanted to create a panic situation in which tens of thousands of individuals and businesses would suffer endlessly.

Road Ahead

The cyber attack has caused a huge financial and non-financial loss to individuals as well as businesses. Not only they have lost their clients, but also lost important data and a lot of money which is tough to recover. The police claim that all the culprits who have carried out this cyber attack are within the radar. Different investigation teams have been deployed in various parts of the country in search of those hackers. As soon as they are caught, they will be put behind bars for at least 3-4 years.

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